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Fencing materials have come a long way in the last fifty years. We’ve seen trends come and go, with spikes in the popularity of materials like steel, wrought iron, natural wood, and aluminum.

While custom aluminum fencing is often the first material that comes to mind when people think of affordable and durable fencing Palm Beach County, it’s now seeing serious competition from PVC.

PVC fencing can provide similar benefits to aluminum but with a traditional aesthetic that will appeal to many homeowners. Find out more about this material and see if it’s the right choice for you.

What Is PVC Fencing?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic resin that is manufactured with micro-ingredients to improve texture, impact resistance, and durability. Pigmentation is also added during the manufacturing process to ensure that the fencing Palm Beach County retains its look throughout its lifetime.

This material offers significant advantages, some of which could make it the ideal material for your next project. If you need to build a residential fence for security or privacy, you’ll find that PVC can deliver on both fronts.

Why Is PVC So Popular Today?

There are two key factors that have helped PVC climb to the top of the market. Along with custom aluminum fencing, it’s the best selling fencing material today.

  • Durability is the most important benefit for many homeowners. Fencing is a necessity to protect a home and ensure privacy. However, some materials come with extensive maintenance requirements that can become tedious or even expensive over the lifetime of ownership. Fencing is different because the material remains strong and resilient throughout its lifetime, which is usually beyond 30 years. PVC is impact-resistant, so it’s the perfect material to have in Florida where the hurricane season can be brutal. It also stands up to UV exposure, wind, rain, and anything else that nature can throw at it.
  • Customization is another feature that has made PVC one of the best materials for fencing Palm Beach County. Factory formed and can be molded into virtually any shape. In the context of fencing, this means that you can have the authentic look of natural wood, aluminum, steel, and other materials. PVC can be textured so it feels just like timber. It is also color-impregnated at the factory so that it can perfectly match or complement your home exterior. Best of all, you will never have to paint a PVC fence because its color will last throughout the years.

Combine these elements, and it’s not hard to see why homeowners love PVC. If you want the highest quality fencing Palm Beach County, you’ll find it at Fence Crafters.

Ply Gem Fencing Palm Beach County

Fence Crafters is the exclusive authorized installer of Ply Gem PVC fencing in Martin and Palm Beach County. Ply Gem is known for its superior quality, varied designs, and long-lasting durability.

You’ve learned about the benefits of PVC vinyl fencing Palm Beach County, now it’s time to get your free installation estimate.

Talk to us today about PVC fence options or any other material you have in mind. Our experience in both manufacturing and installation will make your next fencing installation project the most rewarding yet.