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A fence contractor in palm beach county can not only help you improve the look of your property boundary, but to make sure the first thing people see when they look at your house based on your property and where you live is not an eye sore or some old broken down fence that has been neglected for years.. A fence can secure your property, keep your family safe, and even help to maintain your property value. If your current fence has become an eye sore, then FenceCrafters, a fence contractor in palm beach county can help.

If you think it is time to improve or enhance your fence, privacy gate, or any type or property boundary, we can help a a licensed and bonded fence contractor in palm beach county.

Fence Maintenance Tips- Start With Cleaning

Begin by making sure your fence is clean. Dirt is tossed up onto the fence by the lawnmower, pets, or even your kids playing in the yard. Check your fencing for other elements that could potentially damage it, like mildew, mold, insects, or even rust or rot. If you can catch these things early, you can keep them from causing irreversible damage.

You may be able to rinse off dirt and grime with a garden hose, or you might need a pressure washer to get into hard to reach areas, but giving your fence a good cleaning allows you to see potential issues more clearly.

Take a close look for any obvious parts of your fence that seem warped, broken or damaged. If your fence is wooden, does it need to be sealed, is their signs of any rotten wood? If it’s wrought iron, do you notice any rust around the welded joints? How are your hinges and latches any sign of decay or rust build up? Check to see if everything Is secure? Take the time to examine the entire fence closely, so that you can make any necessary repairs before the damage becomes extensive and much more expensive than if you catch it early.

A Close Fence Inspection Is Key

Examine the gates. Because they’re the only moveable parts of your fence, gates tend to get the most wear and tear. Open and close gates to see whether they latch correctly. If not, the gate may not be squarely attached to the post. You may be able to fix this by tightening the screws or nails or by re-adjusting the tension on a self-closing gate. If that’s not the problem, the hinges may be damaged. If they’re bent, try to unbend them by hitting them with a hammer. Cracked hinges should be replaced. Check to see if the post is out of alignment or if a misaligned latch needs to be tightened.

Inspect the posts. Look to see that the posts are securely attached to the ground and give them a light push to check for movement. Make sure there’s no rotten wood at the bottom of the posts and check for damage from lawnmowers or other yard equipment. If your posts are in concrete, inspect the concrete for cracks, and if they have aluminum caps check them for chips or scratches. Check any vinyl caps to make sure they’re securely attached.

Check the panels and boards. Check the vertical boards for warping, insects, rotting, and landscaping damage, being aware that wood sometimes has naturally occurring knots, cracks, and warping that don’t affect its structural integrity. Clean the fence, pound any loose nails back into place, and replace individual damaged boards.

If you have an aluminum fence, there’s not as much to check. Push on the sections to see if you hear any rattling of loose screws. Tighten loose screws, replacing them if they are stripped. Look for landscaping damage to the bottom of the pickets, repairing minor damage if possible. Look for signs of rust, so that you can catch it early enough to repair it easily.

Inspect individual links on a chain link fence. If any are bent or snagged, you may be able to reweave the links or straighten them with pliers. If a top rail is bowed, you can probably fix it by rolling the top rail and retying.

Vinyl Fence Is Low Maintenance

Vinyl fences require very little maintenance, other than keeping them clean and make sure there are no obvious breaks or damage there is not much more to do. If there’s landscaping damage, you may want to replace that section. Clean your fence with soap and water at least every 24 months.

Affordable Fence Contractor Palm Beach County

Whatever your reasons for not being happy with your current fence, you can get the perfect replacement with Fence Crafters one of the best fence contractors in palm beach county offering affordable prices and a free quote. We are the leading fence contractor in the area, offering competitive rates for premium fencing materials, design, and installation.

We manage projects from end to end, to ensure that you get exactly what you need, and are completely satisfied with the result.

Don’t let an old and run down fence detract from your beautiful home. Contact us today for your free fence installation estimate.

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