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What do you imagine when you think about a security fence? Barbed wire? Sky-high chain link topped with all sorts of sharp and pointy deterrents? Anything but attractive, welcoming and architecturally inspired, right? Well, you’re not alone, but you’re also behind the times. Fencing has come a long, long way since those old movies depicting razor wire and guard dogs, and security fences are practically at the top of the list of fence categories when it comes to overall improvement.

That’s because in today’s modern world, fences used for security purposes must also typically be aesthetically pleasing. A business, for example, that requires both attracting walk-in customers AND securing the premises sends a mixed message with a welcoming façade all tied up with a barbed-wire bow. Enter the modern security fence.

Today, many security fences are designed with individual elements that increase security as much as add elegance to the overall architectural footprint of the property. Following are a few of these design elements used for this two-fold purpose.

The Fence Itself: You’ve heard the old adages “fences make good neighbors” and “a lock keeps an honest man honest.” These are metaphors for how we typically react to boundaries. Even an easily scalable white picket fence sends the message that you are to stay on the other side—a message by which a certain percentage of the population will always abide. So first and foremost, installing a fence of any kind increases security.

Height of the Fence: For those not understanding the basics of what a fence implies, simply increasing the height of a fence can subtly amplify the message. A 4-foot chain link fence, for example, implies a certain amount of dexterity to jump, while a 6-foot chain link fence conveys that quite a bit more skill is required. Simple and as effective as “do not trespass” signage, but much more subtle and inoffensive.

Fence Material: What a fence is made of, of course, greatly effects security and aesthetics. Chain link, for example, has a wide, open mesh design, and so becomes invisible in a sense, allowing the property behind it to be easily seen. As we all remember from childhood, however, chain link is also quite sneaker-friendly and can be easily scaled. There are dozens of alternate materials—from wood and PVC privacy type fence materials to vertically spaced iron posts—that are unfriendly to hand-and foot holds yet quite appealing as an architectural element.

Fence Design: Imagine, if you will, a 6-foot fence comprised of vertical iron bars as an example of how a simple design change can radically alter the level of security afforded. You know the kind. Black, square bars about 6 inches apart, with maybe some ivy meandering its way up the posts. Pretty and relatively secure unless, of course, you’re very intent on getting over it. Now imagine that same fence, but about 4 feet up the length of each of the bars, a gentle outward arc ensues so that the tips of the bars all reach out perpendicularly to the vertical section below. Like a sheer vertical face on a mountain with a shelf-like outcrop at the top that can be scaled by a talented rock climber, this type of fence is not invincible. But unless you’re a professional cat burglar, you’re not getting over it as easily as it may look like you can. And there are dozens of simple fence designs like this that are both effective deterrents and attractive.

Fence Toppers: In addition to the various designs and materials in which security fences can be manufactured and installed, a whole host of secure and very attractive post toppers can be added. From triad spearhead type points that you might see atop a wrought iron fence protecting a brownstone university building to progressive designs you might see atop a modern museum or library fence, the possibilities are virtually endless.

At Fence Crafters, Inc., in Riviera Beach, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing the highest quality residential, commercial and industrial fencing in the business for more than 25 years. Whether vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, PVC, composite or chain link for privacy fences, security, decorative, safety, boundary or containment, we’ve got the technical experience to provide the finest fencing materials, craftsmanship and installation in the state of Florida.