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A quality fence is one of the most effective ways to keep your home or business secure. The right fence can also offer privacy, keeping you comfortable and relaxed inside or outside of your home. Choose the right materials and the best Fencing Installation Copmpany in Boca Raton, and you’ll also enjoy great looks that raise curbside appeal.

Fence Crafters is a custom fence manufacturer and installer in Boca Raton. We develop bespoke solutions without compromises, so you can have a fence that perfectly suits your needs.

Before you settle on any fencing material or design, keep in mind these three key considerations of choosing a new fence.

Fencing Installation:

1: Think About the Maintenance Requirements
Even when working with the best fencing company in Boca Raton, your fence will come with some maintenance requirements. No material is truly maintenance-free, no matter what a contractor tells you.

However, there are some materials that require only minimal maintenance when compared to traditional options. If you lead a busy lifestyle with seemingly endless family and work commitments, then choosing a low-maintenance option could suit you best.

  • Vinyl fencing is a great option that requires only occasional cleaning to keep surfaces looking great. At Fence Crafters, we use Ply Gem fencing products and are the only authorized installer in Boca Raton. In addition to being easier to maintain, Ply Gem can last the lifetime of your home. Learn more about quality vinyl fencing here.
  • Aluminum fencing is another good choice if you want great looks without heavy maintenance requirements. An aluminum fence could last beyond your lifetime, with factory paint that will typically last for up to 30 years. Aluminum can be used to create the ornate look of wrought iron fencing, without the additional cost or corrosion problems.
  • Wood fencing is also an option, although it might surprise you to see it in this list. Wood has unfairly been seen as a high maintenance material, but it’s simply not the case when choosing a quality fence from a leading fencing company in Boca Raton. At Fence Crafters we use high quality treated lumber that is designed for the Florida environment. While you will need to refinish or paint a wood fence every few years, there’s still not nearly as much maintenance as some people would have you believe.

Want to learn more about all our fencing materials and their unique advantages? Visit Fence Crafters today.

2: Choose a Fencing Material That Fits Your Intended Aesthetic
In addition to durability and maintenance requirements, you’ll need to consider how different materials can present a certain aesthetic. Your fencing will have a significant impact on the appearance of your home or business. With a beautiful fence that has been professionally installed, you could even raise your property value.

Consider the appearance that popular Boca Raton fencing materials provide:

  • Wood is a classic material with a timeless aesthetic. However, it’s not just for traditional homes. Extensive design options allow wood to work for traditional, transitional, and modern contemporary homes and businesses.
  • Steel and aluminum fencing are inherently modern, but you can choose designs that evoke a sense of the past. As mentioned, aluminum can be used in place of wrought iron, often quite convincingly.
  • Chain link fencing probably isn’t what comes to mind when you think of great looks, but it still has its place in the industry. It’s the best material for pet enclosures within your property, and it’s also a good choice for pool enclosures or even tennis courts and other features. While not the best material for the curbside of a high-end home, chain link could still fit into some aspect of your next project.
  • Vinyl fencing is also an option. It can recreate the look of natural wood, but with much lower maintenance and increased durability. It’s affordable and comes pre-finished with colors that won’t easily stain or fade. For anywhere that you would consider wood fencing, vinyl could be a great substitute.

3: Check for Any Restrictions With the Homeowners Association
This is something that people often overlook, which can lead to expensive redesigns and tension in the neighborhood.

If you live in a community with a HOA, you’ll need to consider the bylaws regarding home exterior improvements and maintenance. Your local association may have restrictions around materials, height, and overall design.

Don’t sign-off on a fence design until you’ve cleared it with your HOA. This will eliminate any possibility of project setbacks and associated stress.

Working With the Best Fencing Company in Boca Raton

Even if you’ve settled on the best material and fencing design, you’ll still need to choose an installer that you can trust.

Fence Crafters can provide complete design and installation services in South Florida. We are a fully integrated fencing company in Boca Raton, meaning we have complete control over material sourcing, design, manufacturing, and final installation. Our end to end process ensures tight quality control at every point. The result is long lasting fences that look great and provide a long return on your investment.

If you’re ready for your free fencing installation estimate, simply fill out our contact form today.