Security Fencing for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications


Security fencing

A fence that deters illegal activity can keep your home, commercial, or critical industrial site secure. If you are looking for the most security fencing in Palm Beach and Martin Counties, it’s time to talk to the team at Fence Crafters.

For over 25 years we’ve been developing and improving the best security fence solutions in the industry. The strongest materials and long lasting craftsmanship can ensure complete peace of mind and a long return on your investment.

Learn about your options for security fencing and when you’re ready, you can get an obligation free quote from the best fencing installers in Florida.


What Are the Best Materials for Security Fencing in Palm Beach County and Martin County?

A security fence can mean different things in different applications.

For your home, a privacy fence may be able to meet all your security demands, particularly in residential areas where crime is typically low and opportunistic. Ply Gem vinyl fencing, wooden fencing, aluminum fencing, or even chain link fencing could be enough to meet your needs. We can also implement additional features, such as anti-climb spikes or palisades for residential fencing. Talk to us and we’ll make recommendations based on your needs and your budget.

In commercial and industrial applications, a security fence typically means a metal structure that both deters and makes the fence unscalable. These fences may include additional security features such as razor wire and spikes. In these applications, visibility and line of sight is sometimes necessary. Metal and chain link fences can provide adequate security and deterrence without reducing visibility.

There are several techniques we can use to reduce or eliminate the ability of a fence to be scaled.

  • Anti-climb spikes may be used in precast fencing and custom steel or aluminum fencing.
  • Barbed wire is an effective deterrent made of high-grade fencing wire with sharp points.
  • Razor wire is a type of protective deterrent made from galvanized or stainless steel that will resist corrosion for long term installation.
  • Concertina coils can be used in critical and high-risk installations. They can be installed at ground level or along the top railing of your security fencing.
  • Chain link fencing can be combined with barbed wire, razor wire, or concertina coils for a cost-effective secure fence. It is also the ideal solution when surveillance and detection of threats is a primary requirement.
  • Height is a critical element that plays into the security of any fence. Height can be a deterrence in itself. The higher the fence, the more difficult it will be to breach
  • Double row fencing may be required for the most critical sites that face an elevated level of risk. This type of installation effectively doubles the deterrence factor.

We can meet your unique security needs. From homes and offices, to storage facilities and factories, your security is important. Talk to an expert fence builder in Palm Beach for a cost-effective solution.


How We Calculate Our Obligation Free Estimates for Security Fencing

Security fencingWhen deciding on the type of security fencing needed for your site, it’s essential to consider additional costs that can arise on top of standard fencing installation. Additional security options can raise the quote, but for your safety and peace of mind, the trade off is often worth it. Anti-climb features such as barbed or razor wire, or even electric fencing can significantly increase security, but they will come with additional cost.

We’re a fully integrated manufacturing and installation company, so we control the entire process from design to the job sign off and walk through. This helps us to keep costs reasonable, even when you need extensive security features for your next project.

Another factor to keep in mind is the cost of purpose-built access features. Gates and doors can raise the cost of manufacturing and the complexity of design and installation. Again, we apply more than 25 years of experience to minimize cost without compromising quality of workmanship.

Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll give you the best estimates in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. We’re fully transparent in all our quotes and can provide an itemized list of costs for your convenience.


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