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With Florida’s warm and humid climate, having a pool at home is one of life’s greatest luxuries. Your installation is a place to relax with friends and family, taking the edge off a hot day or enjoying the weekends around the grill.

Of course, as a responsible pool owner, you want to ensure that your pool is secure. With a fence contractor Delray Beach, you can install a fence that prevents accidents and unauthorized entry.

Learn why a pool fence is important and explore your material options with Fence Crafters.

The Most Important Benefits of a Secure Pool Fence

In Florida, residential pool fences must be at least 4ft. in height. There are significant benefits to be gained from installing a pool fence that exceeds the minimum requirement.

  • A secure pool fence will prevent drowning. Pools can be accessed by pets, your children, or even your neighbors when you aren’t watching. Accidents can and sadly often do happen. By installing a physical barrier with a fence contractor Delray Beach, you will dramatically reduce the risk of drowning in your pool.
  • You’ll have peace of mind with a new fence. Even when you’re not using the pool, your children and pets could be playing in the yard. It doesn’t take much for a child or animal to enter unsupervised, even if you only look away for a moment. You should be able to feel comfortable when you are relaxing at home. If you know that there’s a safe perimeter around your pool, you won’t need to worry about accidents occurring.
  • A pool fence can even help to keep it clean. Leaves and other debris blow around your yard, and these items can easily make it into your pool. If you have a large lawn, trees, and gardens, then the surface could quickly get covered in debris. If you want to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the investment you’ve made in your pool, you can install a tall security fence. The fence won’t stop all debris, but it will make a significant difference.

There’s no reason why your pool should be without a fence. Even if you have a large perimeter fence around your property, installing a dedicated fence for your pool is a worthwhile investment.

An expert fence contractor Delray Beach is ready to visit you today to cover your style and material options.

Fence Options With a Fence Contractor Delray Beach

There are several material options that work well around pools. You can call a fence contractor Delray Beach to talk about prices and availability.

  • Wooden fencing is popular for homes, and many people use this material for pool fencing. Wood offers privacy, especially if the fence is 6ft. or taller. Wood is susceptible to water damage and rot, so it shouldn’t be used if the fence will be in close proximity to the edge.
  • If you like the look of wooden fencing but want something more practical, consider vinyl. With vinyl fencing you will enjoy the aesthetic and privacy of wood, but with reduced maintenance and water resistance. Vinyl won’t rot and it’s completely impervious to liquids.
  • If privacy isn’t your biggest concern, you can install a highly secure aluminum fence. Aluminum resists corrosion and it can be finished in a color of your choosing to match installation or home exterior. There are also ways to improve the aesthetic of aluminum, such as incorporating glass sections for a high-end designer look and feel.

Whatever your preference, you can get a free estimate today from a fence contractor Delray Beach. At Fence Crafters, we design and build fences to last for decades. Whether for your pool or anywhere else around the home, we offer competitive rates and the finest workmanship.

Contact us today and enjoy the superior service offered by the best fence contractor Delray Beach.