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As a long time resident of North Palm Beach, I’ve seen many of my neighborhood wood fences fail during a windstorm. I was lucky, until Tropical Storm Matthew visited the Palm Beach County Coast.  (Hurricane Matthew made official U.S. landfall southeast of McClellanville, South Carolina, as a Category 1 hurricane with 75 mph winds) My old wood fence took a beating. Posts blew out of the ground, wood panels were torn apart, and the fence gate was barely hanging on.

Considering I’m planning on staying in the house (we love the swimming pool, large back yard and wood privacy fence) we wanted to find a fence company who could build a fence that lasts a long time. I was looking for a local company with experience building wood fences in North Palm Beach County and a great reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

A friend who had a fence installed at her Palm Beach Gardens home highly recommended the team at Fence Crafters. After receiving an estimate from two different companies, my choice was easy. Paul from Fence Crafters made a great first impression. Yes, he arrived on our scheduled day and time.  He listened to my wish list for the new fence including high quality wood, extra wide self-closing gate, craftsmanship that will last and a guarantee.  He took the time to ask questions, offer suggestions and answer my questions about their experience and reputation.

Fence Crafters made the process painless. From the estimate, to the permitting and final approval with the Village of North Palm Beach, they handled it all seamlessly. I was very happy with the experienced crew who built the new fence. They arrived on time and ready to work.  I had the pleasure of watching them work. They removed the old fence and started with the posts. I was shocked at their efficiency. The 2 guys worked together like a well-oiled machine as they built my new wood privacy fence. When I offered them a cold bottle of water, they shared that they been working together over 10 years and are the wood specialists for Fence Crafters.  Needless to say, when I watched them clean up the yard at the end of the day, I knew I hired the right company.

Every member of the fence Crafter team was pleasant and more importantly professional.  I’ve already recommended them to the two neighbors who stopped by to ask ‘who built your fence? It looks great.’ I also shared their information with my Dad who needs a new fence at his Lake Park home.

I would highly recommend the team at Fence Crafters.

Bill B. North Palm Beach FL.