Security Fences


Security fences have a duel roll to play. First, they need to deter the bad guys. Second, they need to be aesthetically pleasing. After all, we can erect a security fence equipped with razor wire that’s virtually impenetrable. But chances are it won’t complement your home or office design. Security Fence PDF Download


Security fences fashioned from iron are quite popular for both homes and commercial applications. Not only are the choices endless, but many of the ornamental affects incorporated into the design—including vertical spearhead pickets—act as effective deterrents.

Liability Concerns

When security is a necessity, but liability is a concern, iron fences can be designed with vertical pickets that act as a deterrent, but that won’t inflict a high degree of damage if scaled. At Fence Crafters, we’re happy to provide you with the many security fencing options available.

Height as a Deterrent

Fence height alone is often an effective deterrent as depicted in this 6-foot-high commercial aluminum security fence. Zoning ordinances typically dictate maximum heights, and at Fence Crafters, we can help you navigate your local laws and permitting processes.

Maximum Security

When your business has a lot riding on its security and protection, turn to Fence Crafters. We have more than 25 years of experience designing, fabricating and installing fences and gates that provide the utmost protection of your office, commercial and industrial spaces.