Safety Fences


Fences erected to keep people and animals safe from potential hazards are available in a variety of designs and can be fashioned from various materials. Safety Fences PDF Download

Swimming Pool Fences

According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the No. 2 cause of death in children 14 years and younger. At Fence Crafters, we’re very experienced in designing and installing swimming pool fences as well as the residential and commercial zoning ordinances requiring them.

Commercial Hazard Fences

Although fences around construction sites and the like appear to be in place as a deterrent to theft, the bigger reason is to keep the public safe and avoid liability. At Fence Crafters, we have years of experience installing fences—from chain link to iron—around hazardous commercial areas.

Spectator Fences

Keeping spectators safe from foul balls to race cars is a Fence Crafters specialty. Whether professional sports arenas, grade schools and universities or public parks, we’ve got the design, fabrication and installation expertise to keep spectators safe from the field of play.

Restricted Access Fences

Fences for restricting access are used for a multitude of property types from public transportation hubs like airports and train stations to industrial and governmental properties used for manufacturing, storage and more. Call Fence Crafters today and keep ‘em out tomorrow.