Containment Fences


Fences for containment must be functional, however, there’s nothing that says they can’t be attractive as well. Whether horses, cattle, dogs or even children, at Fence Crafters, we’ve been fabricating and installing containment fences for more than 25 years. Containment Fences

Fences for Horses

At Fence Crafters, we provide containment fencing for our equestrian-friendly customers out west in Wellington and beyond. Not only do ranch fences have to contain horses and livestock, but because of their typically long lengths, they must be cost-effective to install.

Fences for Dogs

Fences aren’t just for keeping the bad guys out. Dog owners and animal lovers of all kinds have come to rely on Fence Crafters for designing, fabricating and installing fences to both contain their four-legged loved ones and complement the look of their home.

Kennels Fences

At Fence Crafters, we can build to suit for kennels, dog runs, breeder facilities and more. We’re dog lovers ourselves and we know firsthand that a dog-friendly fence has to do more than contain your furry friends. It has to be safe and devoid of sharp edges and hardware.

Fences for Schools and Daycare

We don’t often think of children as items to be contained. But tell that to administrators of schools, parks, daycare facilities and even parents of toddlers and preschoolers. Bring a swimming pool into the mix, and the concept of containing children takes on a whole new meaning.