Free Estimates for a New Aluminum Fence on Your Wellington Property

Between last year’s storms and a better economy, Wellington residents are looking to upgrade their homes and properties. One of the quickest methods to improve the appearance and resale value is with a new, weather-resistant, long-lasting aluminum fence.

At Fence Crafters, we have seen aluminum fencing in Wellington increase in popularity. Homeowners appreciate the attractiveness of the final product and the value of each new aluminum fence, especially compared to other materials including wood.

Even when a wood fence survives for more than a few years, it still requires regular maintenance compared to an aluminum counterpart. The rails, posts, and slats resist weather much better than wood and hold their quality appearance far longer as well. We can carefully cut and shape each section and accessory at our manufacturing facility to make certain we meet exactly what the customer wants.

Before cutting one slat or installing a post, we meet with you to personally examine the property and determine exactly what you need and the most cost-efficient way to provide it. We also work with the local power and cable companies to avoid service interruptions and check with your landscaper to avoid damaging the irrigation system. Our company is proud of both the work and the prices we offer to Wellington area residents considering a new fence. It is why we offer a free estimate on every new aluminum fence.

No matter what you choose in terms of size or style, we can provide the color options to match, which increases the uniqueness of the fence. Most styles of aluminum fence come standard in black, bronze, or white. HOA requirements are not a problem either. Fence Crafters is licensed and bonded with over 25 years experience working with neighborhood associations and gated communities

For a free estimate on a new aluminum fence, contact Fence Crafters today at 561-848-6220. We can help you choose the right style to help improve both the value and curb appeal of your Wellington area home or commercial property.

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