Have you been looking for a fence contractor in Boca Raton? Do you need reliable and experienced fence contractors to get the job done on time? Then our team of qualified fence contractors in Boca Raton is ideal for the job! At Fence Crafters we have a crew of knowledgeable and professional fence contractors with decades of experience in providing superior design, installation, and repair of all residential, commercial, and industrial fencing. We are one of the most reliable full-service fence companies serving Boca Raton for over 25 years.

Enjoy the Most Reliable Service from Fence Contractors in Boca Raton

It’s important to have a reliable team when you need work on your fence or a complete installation. Our technicians are extensively trained and frequently upskilled to provide the best service at the most competitive prices.

You can talk to us about installations, repairs, modifications, gate installations, and much more.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial fence design.
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial fence installation.
  • Custom fence fabrication.
  • Custom gate fabrication.
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial fence repair.
  • Survey and marking of boundary and utilities.
  • Building and zoning department permitting.
  • After-storm damage reconstruction.
  • Design and installation consultation.

Let our team of fence contractors in Boca Raton help you with your next fencing project call us today at 561.693.0695!

The Benefits of Choosing Experienced Fence Contractors

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Our fence contractors in Boca Raton are some of the most experienced in the industry. We’re the leading company for any project in the area.

When you choose experts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right. We follow all industry standards for safety. Our technicians follow technical guidelines to ensure that your home, commercial, or industrial fence meets local code. Your fence will weather storms, high winds, and everyday wear and tear. We choose materials that are designed to withstand the unique environmental conditions in South Florida.

Because our fence contractors Boca Raton are highly experienced, they also work efficiently. This helps us to keep labor costs down so that your fence installation, repair, or modification is affordable.

All of our fences, excluding our Ply Gem vinyl options, are fabricated at our in-house facility. We have complete oversight of the manufacturing process to ensure that your new fence meets and even exceeds your expectations.

Durability, great styling, and competitive prices all help to make us the best choice when you want local fence contractors in Boca Raton.

Fencing Material Options

We offer an extensive selection of materials to ensure that your next fence goes beyond your expectations. Our variety of materials also ensures that we can perform repairs and modifications that are consistent with your existing fence.

Some of our most popular material options include:

  • Natural Wood – With a natural wood fence you can enjoy a classic esthetic, unrivaled privacy, and durability. Wood is treated to help resist insect infestation and damage from environmental factors. We can build a new wood fence, perform repairs, or maintain the fence on your property.
  • Aluminum – Being both affordable and durable, aluminum fencing is one of the best options for residential and commercial fencing. It works well with modern architecture and can provide security and safety. Aluminum is colored at the factory with a special treatment to prevent damage and discoloration.
  • Chain Link – Our industrial clients love chain link fencing for its affordability and versatility. It creates security without limiting visibility. Chain link fencing can be colored and customized for any height and layout. Security features can be added to prevent entry. We also make affordable chain link fences for homes that are ideal for property boundaries, back yards, pet enclosures, and more.
  • Ply Gem Vinyl Fencing – We install Ply Gem vinyl fences that offer the esthetic of natural wood with improved durability. Vinyl is impervious to moisture and will never rot. There’s also no risk of insect infestation. Talk to us today to learn about our design options for modern vinyl fencing.

For the best return on your investment, trust the best fence contractors Boca Raton. In addition to these popular materials, we can design and install steel fencing or anything else that you’re looking for. With the most comprehensive fence installation, repair, and maintenance service in South Florida, you’ll love the service offered by Fence Crafters.

Any Style, Any Time, Talk to Fence Crafters

No Matter the style you’re looking for, the material you prefer, or the type of fence you need (home, commercial, or industrial), the team at Fence Crafters is standing by.

We are the leading team of fence contractors in Boca Raton and would love to work with you on your next project for a competitively priced fence that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today for your free fence installation or repair estimate.