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Fencing is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your home. With the benefits of security, safety, and an attractive aesthetic, you can improve your home with a fence contractor Boynton Beach.

At Fence Crafters, we are specialists in all forms of modern fencing, from affordable and sturdy aluminum fences to durable and attractive vinyl privacy fences.

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Why is Fencing Important?


Fencing is essential for every home or place of business. It does more than just mark the boundary line.

With a new installation from your local fence contractor Boynton Beach, you’ll benefit from:

  • Security.
  • Safety.
  • Improved curbside appeal.

Deterring theft is important, no matter where you live. There’s a risk of unauthorized entry, even in the safest neighborhoods. With a fence built for security, you will deter intrusion and theft, keeping your property free of unwanted guests.

Safety is also improved with a new fence installation. You can keep children inside your yard and away from the roadside. If you have a pool or spa, installing a safety fence will prevent accidents and protect you from liability. Fencing can even keep critters and stray animals off your property, so your family will be safe when enjoying afternoons and weekends outdoors.

Fencing is also a major visual aspect of your home. With the best fence contractor Boynton Beach, you could raise curbside appeal with an attractive fence that also meets your safety and security requirements.

The options are virtually unlimited, with fences that range from simple chain link designs to ornate PVC fencing that brings out the best in your home exterior.

Your Choices with Fence Crafters – The Leading Fence Contractor Boynton Beach


Fencing Installation


Fencing materials vary in terms of cost and appearance, and there are specific benefits to consider as you choose the right solution for your home or place of business.

  • Aluminum Fencing is a popular option for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Aluminum can be fabricated to replicate the look of traditional steel and iron fences. The difference is that you’ll enjoy better protection from corrosion and lower yearly maintenance.
  • Vinyl (PVC) Fencing is a great choice for homes and commercial businesses. The material is low maintenance, with a yearly power wash treatment usually being enough to keep your fence looking great. PVC fencing is colored at the factory, so it will never fade, flake, or peel. It’s impervious to rot and insect damage, making it a great choice when you want a long return on your investment.
  • Wood Fencing is the traditional choice when you work with a fence contractor Boynton Beach. Treated timber can resist rot, warping, and insect damage. Maintenance needs are higher, and costs can be significant depending on the species you choose. However, you’ll enjoy a classic aesthetic that elevates your home and sets it apart from others on the street.
  • Chain Link Fencing is a great budget option that offers security throughout the seasons. While chain link isn’t the best choice for privacy, you can improve this type of fencing with privacy slats. You could even cultivate a ‘living’ fence over time, with vines or hedges that improve the look of your property. For commercial and industrial applications, chain link is ideal because it offers an unrestricted line of sight through a sturdy physical barrier.

Whatever you have in mind, Fence Crafters can build your custom fence. As the most experienced fence contractor Boynton Beach, our team will work to meet all your specific requirements while staying within your budget.

It’s time to give your property the fence it deserves. Whether at home or a place of business, we’ve got the knowledge, tools, and fencing products to bring your concept to life.

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