At Fence Crafters, we are a full-service industrial fencing contractor. Often, gates make a bigger first impression than the fence. Custom gate fabrication is one of the services we offer that really gets our team’s creativity flowing. Our crews are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous, with decades of experience providing superior custom gate fabrication. All our employees render the most professional and personalized service in the business. One call and you’ll understand why Fence Crafters is an industry leader in custom gate fabrication.

Secure and Beautiful Custom Gate Fabrication in South Florida

We are the leading custom gate fabrication experts in South Florida, serving Martin County, Palm Beach County, and the nearby areas.

Custom gates do more than just secure your property. They add beauty to homes and businesses. A custom gate can set the perfect first impression while complementing the architecture of a home or commercial building. Gates can also draw attention to landscaping and a custom fence.

There are countless options for custom gate fabrication. From picket gates used within the property to ornamental steel gates that add security and define the esthetic of the property from the roadside, we create gates to suit any style and purpose.

  • Our custom gates are ideal for entryways, courtyards, pools, patios, and more.
  • If you own or administer an industrial property, we offer custom gate fabrication for efficient and affordable security.
  • Commercial properties become more attractive with our custom gate fabrication.
  • If you’re looking for premium options, we can weld and smooth the tops during custom gate fabrication.
  • There’s an endless selection of colors and styles to choose from. Because our gates are completely customized and produced in-house, we can work with your design brief to create something truly unique.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best results and being one of the easiest companies to work with in South Florida. If you are in Martin County, Palm Beach County, or anywhere nearby, you can talk to us for your free estimate.

Don’t Pay a Cent to Get a Price for your Custom Gate

Some companies charge for consultation. We don’t. Fence Crafters will provide a free estimate with no obligation. You’ll get the base price for your gate as well as an estimate for any additional features. Some things can change on the job, so we allow for some fluctuation between the initial estimate and the final contract. Even so, our valued customers have found our custom gate fabrication estimates to be among the most accurate in the industry.

We are fully transparent when it comes to billing and will provide an itemized breakdown of the materials and labor.

We Install Custom Gates in Martin and Palm Beach Counties

We aren’t just a custom gate fabrication team. We’re the best company for fence and gate installation in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. With an experienced staff, we ensure consistency and quality throughout all of our work. If you have a property that you want to secure, we’ll design the entire fence along with custom gate fabrication. If you want to improve esthetics, we’ll create a fence and gate system that adds value while remaining completely functional.

From privacy gates and fences to ornate designs, we do it all. Contact us today to get started with your estimate.

automatic door gate with motor

Automation for Your Custom Gate

We design gates to be secure, beautiful, and functional. We can install automatic gates that are activated by remote control or proximity sensors. Modern solutions include smart gates that can be activated from your phone or any compatible device.

There are countless options from cantilever style gates to hidden gates and rolling gates. Whatever you need and whatever your budget is, we will create solutions that perform for years to come. Your new gate will be just as convenient as it is visually impressive and durable.

Are You a Do it Yourselfer? Fence Crafters Can Fabricate Your Gate

At Fence Crafters, we understand customers who would rather do it themselves. We can help your fencing project have that unique, one of a kind first impression by fabricating the perfect custom gate, and then you can take it from there. We can also equip you with the highest-quality fencing products, materials, accessories, and hardware available, and we’re happy to consult with you about proper installation, required tools, maintenance, and more.

At Fence Crafters, we warranty all our products and services and offer wholesale pricing for qualified customers. Just give us a call at (561) 693 0695 and talk to one of our customer service representatives.

Talk to the Custom Gate Fabrication Experts in West Palm Beach

We’re ready to help with any of your fence and custom gate fabrication needs. Talk to us today, learn more about our team and our service, and get your free estimate. Or, leave your details with us and we’ll be in touch to get your project off the ground.