Ready to make a lasting improvement for your home? With a wood fence Wellington, you can add style, safety, and security to your property. Wood is a classic material that can elevate the look of your home, helping to increase value in the process.

For the best wood fence Wellington, you can talk to the team at Fence Crafters. Learn about the benefits of a wood fence and get tips and a free estimate from local experts.

What to Consider Before Installing a Wood Fence Wellington

As with most home improvements, there are several important factors to consider before getting started with a new wood fence Wellington.

Height, style, and openings are all important. Fence crafters will help you to make all the important decisions, and it starts with our free estimate. Before you call, you can consider the following…

  • How high do you need your new fence to be? Wood is versatile and can be used for small ornamental fences as well as tall security fences. If you need both privacy and security, consider a traditional 6ft. privacy wood fence Wellington.
  • How do you want your fence to look? Picket fences are excellent for marking a property boundary, but they can lack security and privacy. Solid wood fences offer more privacy but are less ornamental. Color is also important. Your new wood fence Wellington can be painted a solid color or even stained to give it a natural look. We’ll help you to compare your esthetic options before the final design is signed off.
  • What kind of access do you need? Gates can be used for vehicle access, and we offer a range of automatic and manual openings to suit your needs and your budget. Small pedestrian gates and doors can also be added for your convenience.
  • Do you have the time to maintain a new fence? Wood requires more maintenance than aluminum and vinyl fencing, but the aesthetic benefits often offset the extra time it takes to care for a fence.

Your wood fence Wellington is fully customizable when you work with Fence Crafters. Talk to us today and we’ll get started on the design consultation process.

The Benefits of a Wood Fence Wellington

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At Fence Crafters we offer a range of material options so that you can get the best looking and most practical fence for your budget. Wood is one of our most popular materials for several reasons.

  • Wood is environmentally friendly. Our fence materials are sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Customization options are extensive, especially when you consider colors, openings, gates, and overall design. We’ll build a fence that is uniquely suited to your needs.
  • Wood resists the elements, and a quality fence can last 15 years or even more with regular maintenance.
  • Wood offers a classic look and feel, which is important if you want your home to stand out. Your choice of wood fence Wellington could increase the value and curbside appeal of your home.
  • Solid wood fencing improves both security and privacy, helping you to feel safer and more comfortable while you’re in your home or out in the yard.

To enjoy all of the benefits of a wood fence Wellington, you need to work with experienced professionals. Contact the team at Fence Crafters today and get your free installation estimate. We design and build all of our wood fences in-house and offer a guarantee of quality. For the best custom fence in Wellington, we’re the team to call.