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A boundary fence is one of the most important features of your property. It creates security, can add privacy, and may increase the value of your property. Learn how you can get the best boundary fence from fence contractors with more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

Material Customization Options for Your Periphery Fence

wood fence

At Fence Crafters, we have the necessary experience to custom fabricate the perfect boundary fence in the material of your choice. We even offer Ply Gem vinyl fences if you’re looking for a versatile, modern, and relatively affordable solution.

When it comes to materials, the choice is somewhat divided between preference and practicality. The right material will ensure that you can install a boundary fence that meets all of your needs for privacy, security, and esthetic.

  • Wood Fences – Wood is a traditional material and one that has a lot of innate beauty. However, wood requires maintenance and will eventually degrade or rot. It is also susceptible to insect infestation. We extensively treat all of our custom wood fences to ensure they will provide a long return on investment, outlasting wood fences from other manufacturers. Choose a wood boundary fence if you insist on a classic esthetic with extensive customization and privacy configurations available.
  • Aluminum FencesModern aluminum fences are durable, resist corrosion, and require very little maintenance. An aluminum boundary fence would be ideal if you want to mark your perimeter without sacrificing visibility. A modern home or commercial property will benefit from a clean and elegant aluminum boundary fence that complements the architecture.
  • Vinyl Fences – We are suppliers of Ply Gem vinyl fences. These fences are prefabricated and are available in a range of styles and heights. They emulate the look of wood but eliminate the problems of rot and infestation. A vinyl fence could last for decades and provide an excellent return on investment. If you want a pre-colored and durable vinyl perimeter boundary fence, talk to the team at Fence Crafters.
  • Chain Link Fences – Let’s not forget the humble and effective chain link design when it comes to boundary fences. Chain link is affordable, durable, and clearly marks a perimeter. Chain link can add security and is often used for commercial and industrial fences. A custom chain link boundary fence can be made high with security features on top to prevent unauthorized entry. Whether you want a pre-colored chain link fence for your home or a commercial or industrial security fence, we are ready to help.

There are other materials including steel and iron that can be used for boundary fences. If you want to maximize your budget, you could choose an ornate material for the roadside facing fence and then complete the perimeter with a more affordable option like chain link or aluminum. The choice is up to you and we provide consultation with our expert fence contractors so that you can make the right decision.

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